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Dairy and Pastry with tradition from generation to generation

Since 1935, “LOUSI” is by your side using pure and traditional ingredients, being collected through all over Greece and helping us offer to our customers the best dairy and pastry products. We supply over 500 spots in Attiki and the province and we do support not only the primary sector, but also the Greek economy, by using only the best Greek raw ingredients.

Traditional sheep, cow and goat yogurt "LOUSI"

Our workshop operates since 1935. Its founder was milkman from a Greek village named Panourgia. Counting till now three generations of “Lousi” traditional yogurt production, our company insists that a good customer always appreciates a traditional yogurt which plays a great role at the of the Greek diet.

We produce dairy and pastry products and ice cream as well. Our main concern is the best quality of our products which are daily being produced by 500kg milk. Products such as creams, traditional yogurt, rise-milk cream and ice cream, with no preservatives. We get our milk from Attiki's pastures.

“Lousi” is one of the oldest dairy's in Athens, operating till nowadays. It's name origin comes from Mr. Loukas Siotropos, who was a historical milkman from Fokida and used to supply his famous milk in Athens since 1935. Our products apply to the tradition of our workshop.
Things that make us unique is our passion on what we do, our fresh milk, the quality and taste of our products. This is why the customers prefer us in contrast with the standard and classic products which are being supplied in market and have nothing to do with the pure and fresh quality that “Lousi” offers you.