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Our goal is to always offer the best!
Our milk, which is our raw ingredient, is being carefully collected from breeders certified with “elogak”, authorized by the state. This guarantees us the safe quality of the milk we do use in our preparations.

"Lousi", for three generations now, prepares in a traditional way, sheep, goats and cows yogurts, as well as various desserts. So, we can offer you a unique and delicious yogurt, which has nothing to do with the classic industrial that uses mostly milk powder.

We have invested in both our equipment and the training of our human resources.

Our equipment

Our place, of 1000sqm, has state-of-the-art equipment in all production units. Thus we succeed achieving consistency and safety throughout the production process.


Our company has invested in its human resources. Our goal is to share our knowledge gained from generation to generation. Our love and passion for what we do is our driving force.

Our Customers

We are always by the side of all our customers, wholesale and retail. After all, your smile is the best proof that our products meet all the standards that we have set for so many years.

Probiotics, protein, calcium are some of the beneficial ingredients in yogurt which we make daily from fresh milk and we offer it to you safely and responsibly.